Our expert technicians and friendly reception staff will look after you and your car. We do all vehicles but mainly specialize in German Luxury Vehicles. Contact Us for professional servicing and advice; trusted quality replacement parts and transparent costs.

We provide a wide range of automotive services and repairs at our state of the art service centre. You can expect fair pricing, excellent customer service, and quality car servicing and repairs, all by experienced staff that are well trained and use the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. We also offer these complimentary services to make your experience as convenient and pleasant as possible.


When is the right time to service your car?


Many of today's modern cars have automated checks and routines that instruct you to service your car when a certain amount of time or number of kilometres have passed. It’s very little hassle to bring your car in when we take care of the oil changes, brake replacement, airfilters etc. It also lessens the burden on you. 

You might not be able to commit to making the appointment there and then, but your car will no doubt start reminding you of service requirement and sooner or later we are ready to help.

Make no mistake, it's a costly exercise to keep your car serviced with a dealership, this is why we would be the best financial decision for your car in the current financial climate.